Monday, July 9, 2007

Fact but not a fact

This morning when I was reading this and his comment....It remind me something....something I find it quite scary....It can be lethal weapon...

What I was talking about is that....we human sometimes will be fooled by our eyes....
For example in this case: It is a small mouse, of it leg crushed by the glass window....but does it really make any difference?? It still a dirty and disease spreading creature and it can actually bring disaster (Spoiling all ur wires, ur precious stuff and my maid actually bitten by rat when she slept at nite!Scary right...)
So, just because it's small...we show some mercy to it...

Same thing actually applies to real life.....
Another example...A boxer, strong, offensive and threatening. He won in lots of matches and one day, he felt in love with a pretty young lady...As normal, they dated, they in love and they make love. The next day, the young lady reported to the police and claimed that she was rapped by the famous boxer. She provided the skin tissue as DNA evidence, she even got his "stuff" in her body. She cried, she kept herself away from ppl, she even tried to commit suicide..
The boxer with great future, suddenly lost everything....his career and his life...ended up committed a crime and jailed.

One more example, a big dog is chasing another small dog....The owner of the small dog was so afraid that the small little dog will get hurt and everyone around took some branches or sticks and beaten up the big dog. The big dog was beaten till dead and one small kid asked his mother :" Mom, y they beaten up the big dog? I saw the small dog bite the big dog first....It's unfair that so many of us attacking the big dog...." back to real life....Now can u get what I mean in "It can be a lethal weapon" now?
Sometimes I really feel like, become a guys, males are not easy and safe anymore nowadays.
Yes, I do admit that most of the time....many cases that females really need protection. I never denied that. In fact, looking at those laws that protecting women, I totally agreed on that!
But, sometimes when u think in another way round....when everything seems like tend to one side, aren't it's now become a bit dangerous??

Example again....A female colleague is competing with a male colleague in their work. One day, the female colleague claims that the male colleague molested her at the night, both of them worked till late nite yesterday. After investigation, the male colleague found not guilty cos no prove saying that he did that.
Who wins and who loses in this case? The male colleague wins?? The female colleague loses??
Although proven that the male is not guilty, but how superior sees this?? How others see this?
Think about that.....

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***I'm not trying to offense anyone or not pointing to any side....just that, sometimes....this scares me.....
Wishing to get some feedback here :D***

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