Wednesday, July 18, 2007


"Ohh, he ahh...ok ahh....very cute lor..."

"Hahaha...wei...u eat a lot recently is it?? how come ur face so round wan!!"

"Ehm..he is ur brother is it?? No??!! Ohh....ur boyfren....nevermind wan...modern day mah...."

"Ehm...not to say leng jai, but CUTE lor...."

"Wei, life very senang is it?? gettin fatter ooo!!"



These are the comments that i usually get from colleagues, frens, relatives....people around...

So damn sien....

OKie!!! Enuff!!!
I wanna make a big change...
I want to do more exercise!!
Keep fit!!
ose weight!!
Eat less!!
And of coz....look SEXXXYYY!!!

"But this morning u just ate oily Char Siew Wantan Mee lar~~"

Ehm.....okie...start from now!!!

I joined fitness club...
I start eat less (from now..)..
But for the round face........headache.....
Y when gettin fatter those fat will 1st accumulate at the face part wan??
Like can't wait to let ppl notice that....DAMN!

Fine..No play play....I think out a way to look SEXXXYYY.
I found out how can I cover my round round face...

Usually, those TV programs teaching gals how they can pour cosmetics on their face to make them magically prettier..

Like this....apply darker color cosmetics on both side of the face, from near the chin to near the ear...


Sharp sharp Cheeks...Nice ahh!!

Serious!! the darker color u apply, the sharper u can get....


and the darker....

Ehmm.....too dark..... way for a guys makeup b4 leaving the house damn sissy....

We do what mens do....right!
We can just save the beard and it's natural + SEXXXYYY!!!


Yeah.....ok ok lar


Yeah...u're in..

OKie OKie.....I can take this.....I can be like cool!!!

"Wei!! wake up lar!! U takda beard lar!!! U just have few countable "bulu" under chin there only lar...!!!"

Ehm........yaaaaaa right! Thanks for reminding!!! (Damn it!)

So I did some research on "How to save a beard?" using lovely powerful Google and that's what I get....

"Here is how to grow a beard. (Ladies, please don't try this at home.) On Day 1, I did nothing. On Day 2, I did nothing again. On Day 3, I did nothing twice. On Day 4, I verified that nothing was still being done. Then I simply repeated the cycle. "

=_____=" No...that's not what I want to listen...

"are you one of those that beard comes in all patchy or only grows in stubbles and wont grow any more?"

That sounds better.....continue.....

"Whats all this rush to grow a beard? Okay thats non of my business. It takes time. There is no rushing these things. Your beard will grow when it grows. What is your heritage? I know a few men that just cannot grow beards or they can only grow stubble because of their ancestry."

=______=" NOOOOO!


NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! I dunwan all these!!!!!
Gimmee sth that's useful damn it!!!

Anyone can gimme some suggestions???????


EPL said...

rub with hard liquor! as what i heard from my frens! :P

wings said...

that's the way.
do nothing
let it grow lar lol.
for matter how long i leave it...still a bit bulu helpless lar i cant have beard

soo kim said...

i hav a fast and direct way to suggest---> put on artificial beard, and you try to make it from wig. i believe u hav a lot of choice then, curly, straight, black, brown..... :P Seriously, i did help u to sought the solution for awhile... :D

guaisaujai said...

epl --> Thanks for the suggestion but I "uhm sheh dak" to use my lovely liquor rub on my's for drink and get high..hehehe

wings --> ..... NEXT!

soo kim --> actually i plan to use photoshop do some editing and see whether i look good in beard or not 1st...will post up the edited photo once done..hehe

jolcy said...

actually.. I dun find that you are fat at all.. seriously..

guaisaujai said...

jolcy --> hmm...mayb u should go get urself a spec liao...gettin serious...JJK

thanks for that...but i know myself lar...i know ow to hide it nia, squeeze here and there when wearing pants..haha

The gym report shows I need to lose 10KG leh!! 10 fucking KG....

Ecl!5oNz said...

try rub your face with ginger...
i heard some anuties said it's work... =D